Mankell house i Sveg

3. maj, 2019

Congrats to Jean-Pierre Bekolo and all off us in the team and crew.
Miraculous Weapons won Ousmane SEMBENE special price 💫💫💫 at Fespaco.
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27. jul, 2018

Me acting as Laurens Leuman in Miraculous Weapons
If you are in Durban you can watch the film #actorslife #actresslife #actorlife
#DIFF2018 Must Watch: Don't miss Miraculous Weapons by renowned African filmmaker Jean-Pierre Bekolo - shot in SA, this film tells the stories of three women in the former Orange Free State who are all in love with the same man who has been sentenced to death.
Catch #MiraculousWeapons on 🎬Sat 21 July, 4pm | Musgrave, 🎬
Tue 24 July, 8pm | Gateway, 🎬Sat 28 July, 4pm | Suncoast.
Full Programme:
#jeanpierrebekolo @jeanpierrebekolo

7. apr, 2018

”7333 sekunder Johanna” by Anette Skahlberg SVT 1 23/4 23.10
You can watch the movie until 23/5 on SVT play.
In the picture you se me as Sanna, an evil social worker, Messing Johannas life up.
The other actors in the picture are Anette Skahlberg, Robert Fransson, Jannika Strååt.
Foto: Stewen Quigley
Production S.T.O.P Film

3. nov, 2017

First day shooting ”Majorskan”
Directing and writhing a documentary about Selma Lagerlöfs character Majorskan in Gösta Berlings saga.

11. jul, 2017

In this feature I act the part of "Sanna" a social worker, that may not be the best person to advice clients.

The feature ”7333 seconds Johanna”

- is a 7333 seconds ONE-SINGLE-SHOT feature and is the longest uncut european feature film.

- is the story of Johanna fighting to get free from a jealous ex-husband and finding her true self during 7333 seconds on a bloody Monday when her life turns around.

- is set in Johanna’s neigbourhood of 8 blocks in Uppsala, Sweden during 7333 seconds in real time shot in one single unbroken shot.